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Welcome to the Lego Figure Builder and Engraving Shop

1. Customize the figures by picking any of the available hair, head, torso, or leg pieces from the little boxes below

2. Add new figures (or baby figures) by clicking the "Add New Figure" Button below

3. Choose an Engraving for the torso of the figure by entering it in the Text Box above the figure

4. Choose an Engraving for the Brick Plate included with the order

Here are some examples:

Add New Figures and Engraving

Max Amount Reached






Brick Engraving

Add Pieces to Cart

- When adding to cart you will see a list of Lego Pieces added (one product for each part of the Figure).

- Double check your figures and engravings.  You cannot change pieces after they are added to the cart. 

Minimum 2 Figures per order

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